UPDATED - Little Big Town - ‘Pain Killer’ Cuts & Cowrites!


6/6/2014: Updated with “Day Drinking” stream, confirmation of the album’s title track, and a couple of additional cowrites.

Here’s a list of confirmed cuts &/or cowrites for Little Big Town’s upcoming album. Note: The only confirmed cuts so far are “Ugly,” “Day Drinking,” and “Pain Killer.” This is a list in progress just meant to give a little peek into the album making progress - I’ll update this as more information comes in! 

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We sat down with Lzzy just a day after her explosive performance with Eric Church on the CMT’s. She talks about a new album, what artists she would like to work with, and being “scissor happy”!

COM: Such an amazing performance last night with Eric Church! How did you get involved with…

@AliceInChains  @Adler_Theatre 5/23/14 #Davenport, IA

LSMS? (their tribute to Layne Staley & Mike Starr)

Grace Potter (w/ Benny Yurco) at Byron Bluesfest - Australia

Grace Potter (w/ Benny Yurco) at Byron Bluesfest - Australia


Conargo Rd, Deniliquin NSW
Saturday 19 April 2014

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OUP - The Album Soup - Black Cadillac

SOUP - The Album Soup - Black Cadillac - (side 2)

SIDE 2 - SOUP - The Album Soup
 - Never Love Again

it’s gonna be a good year…….stay tuned!

it’s gonna be a good year…….stay tuned!


This comment on youtube is what I’ve been saying for years. I don’t understand. Her music, most of it anyway sounds like it would have been put out in the 70’s. It’s just sounds like some good old classic rock. and She’s such a fan! I would kill to talk about music with her and you can tell she’s the type to tall about it all day if she could.

She’s such a fan and so down to earth. I remember this interview on the George Lopez tonight show about how she met Robert Plant. and was like “You, Me, Bathroom, now!” XD She was so starstruck she turned into this 1970’s groupie. XD and she talked about how she has a 8 track player in her truck with a Queen 8 track in it, she’s so fucking down to earth. She talks about Neil Young A LOT too which is just fucking awesome she’s did so many AMAZING covers of him, I’d love to see them do a song together. She performed with Anne and Nancy Wilson of Heart. She just knows her music.

I couldn’t find the longer in depth video from the Lopez tonight show about Robert Plant but here’s a brief one. [link]

Here’s Grace performing "Down By The River" by Neil Young

& Here’s her redoing her blues song "2:22" With Allman Brother/Gov’t Mule guitarist, Warren Haynes

but man, she lives, breathes, eat, & sleeps rock and roll.

“Grace Potter is the best female rock singer in the country right now…”
– USA Today (June 2012)

“Grace Potter’s been blessed with one of the best voices in rock music today”
  — Glamour (Aug. 29.2012)

Magazines are saying these things about her yet no one listens to her or knows who she is. I don’t get it…


Eric Church Performs "The Outsiders" - Jimmy Kimmel

Eric Church Talks to ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ About (Bad Boy) Reputation

they’re the ‘in crowd’, we’re the other ones!

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Fri nite - Target Center - Mpls w/ multi-Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves #beenBlessed #theCompanyYouKeep #surroundSOUND #BlowinSMOKE

Fri nite - Target Center - Mpls w/ multi-Grammy winner Kacey Musgraves #beenBlessed #theCompanyYouKeep #surroundSOUND #BlowinSMOKE